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Calm in the Canopy

2024 I Feature film I 90 min


A well-placed middle-aged man is at the airport witnessing a tiny incident of an unknown, perhaps Arab, young man with a servant. After the young man is confronted directly at the airport toilets, the man begins to be subject to an indefinable but greater sense of danger. The fear of the evil that circles around the man since then gradually becomes an obsession, an urgent desire to see the evil, finally, to catch it in the act and destroy it.

Written and Directed I Michal Hogenauer

Produced by I Václav Kadrnka, Simona Kadrnková

Cinematographer I Šimon Dvořáček

Sound Designer Richard Muller

Music I Jakub Kudláč

Editor I Michal Raich

Costume Designer I Aneta Grnakova

Production Design I Jana Bejblová

Coproduction | PFX, SilverArt, Czech Television

Cast I Pavel Gajdoš, Judit Pecháček


World Premiere -  PINGYAO International Film Festival 

Calm stills

She Came at Night

2023 I Feature film I 85 min


Jirka and Aneta are a young couple who enjoy the routine of their quiet relationship and are in no hurry to make big decisions in life. One night in their inherited flat, the doorbell rings and standing at the door is Jirka’s mother Valerie. An initially brief call turns into a never-ending visit from an intense and caustic diva whose presence fundamentally disrupts the couple’s privacy. Certainties are shaken, boundaries broken. Although the film’s directorial duo works with a familiar premise, they subvert any dark humor with a sense of tension more commonly found in horror movies, all of it wrapped in the penetrating question: Is the mother’s unbearable smothering legitimate or are mothers sometimes the biggest monsters of all?

Written and Directed I Jan Vejnar, Tommáš Pavlíček

Produced by I Pavel Vácha, Eva Pavlíčková, Tomáš Pavlíček, Jan Vejnar a Šimon Dvořáček

Cinematographer I Šimon Dvořáček

Sound Designer Michaela Patríková

Music I Aid Kid

Editor I Jakub Vansa

Costume Designer I Zuzana Mazáčová

Production Design I Zuzana Mazáčová

Coproduction | PFX, Soundsquare, Česká televize, Artcam Films, Drive Film Factory

Cast I Simona Peková, Annette Nesvadbová, Jiří Rendl


World Premiere - KVIFF Special Screenings 2023 


Best Actor - Czech Lion Awards - Simona Peková

Best Directing - Czech Lion Awards - Jan Vejnar, Tomáš Pavlíček

Best Film - Czech Film Critics' Awards  - Prišla v noci

Best Actor - Czech Film Critics' Awards - Simona Peková


Holidays with Beetle

2024 I Feature film I 87 min


Who wouldn't want to go on a family holiday in their grandfather's beautiful red caravan? Bára Poláková, as an adventurous mum of two and an enthusiastic food blogger, will say yes to this challenge. Her husband, played by Lukáš Příkazký, does not share her adventurous enthusiasm. But when we have someone we love by our side, it doesn't matter where we are. So the whole family goes on a summer holiday to the seaside in an RV. And even though the Adriatic is literally within reach, the journey can be a long one.

Written and Directed I Jiří Matoušek

Produced by I Pavel Vácha - Bratři

Cinematographer I Šimon Dvořáček

Sound Designer Ivan Horák

Music I Petr Wajsar

Editor I Alan Sýs

Costume Designer I Zuzana Mazáčová

Production Design I Zuzana Mazáčová